1. My hit rate was like…68%. Okay for a first try—definitely more difficult than video games. Zombie survival rate? Fail.

  2. Totally not my target. Esther’s pretty good.

  3. Loading her piece.

  4. You guessed it!

  5. Esther’s got a pair too.

  6. Sexy headset. No, I’m not at a music store.

  7. Princeton. Very pretty. Woot non-faux east coast uni.

  8. Only a small portion of the books that need to be processed. Anyone that can help me with PHP- totally welcome!

  9. After two rounds of Jenga Hikari and I built an urban jungle. It’s a house, giraffe and palm tree. Okay, maybe the only urban thing was us…the palm tree though could have just been a telephone pole in disguise. Thanks for trying to make me feel better about my week Hika!

  10. My poor car. :(